The guitars I own are now mainly wall-art, while my love for music continues in my attempts to capture sound in a still image. I try to get every performer in some single shots, open eyes and visible faces in full-band shots, and a bit of personality whenever possible. Whether it's a cover band or originals, I listen to the music and try to anticipate the interesting moments. 

Distorted Silence
10/4/23 Quaker-Steak & Lube Harley-Davidson Giveaway

Phoenix Rising
9/16/23 Harley-Davidson (Farrow-North)

Corey Feldman
9/24/23 King of Clubs

I've seen the video clips of Corey Feldman performances, so I thought I knew what to expect. But I was wrong.

I had no understanding of what a non-stop remarkable showman Mr. Feldman is. I didn't realize how diverse and lovely the crowd would be. I saw kids as young as 10 wearing Goonies t-shirts, and people probably older than me. That fabulous rasping Donatello voice makes for an amazing Rock 'n Roll voice. He screams, yells, and sings with astonishing engagement.

I opted to spring for the VIP Pass...who else would I want to meet in this world other than Corey Feldman? I grew up with this guy. He's barely younger than me. Goonies....Stand by Me...The Lost Boys....TMNT!!!! I just had to do it. Even after 3 hours of screaming and sweating on stage, he sat down with a smile on his face, put out his hand, and enthusiastically said, "How ya doin', man???" He then told me about how he worked with Pink Floyd guys for the artwork on the CD I had bought. I really wanted to go all fan-boy on thank him for the literal decades of entertainment he's given me and also my children. But I didn't. He's heard it all before.

Instead, I thanked him for highlighting each of his band members. He makes sure every one of them gets a moment in the spotlight all to themselves. I'm not sure all front-people are as compelled to do that as he is.

I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to steal time. The line was long and I'm sure the 100 or so people behind me wanted me to get out of the way. The giant biker looking bouncer dude took my phone to take a photo, and Corey put his arm around me for the shot. It was surreal, it was lovely, and I'll bet he was just as enthusiastic with the last person in the line as he was with me.

This is a showman. An entertainer. A rock 'n roller. Go see him.

9/20/23 Newport Music Hall

What an incredible show! I can't believe I've been on this planet for 30 years and never heard of these cats. If The Grateful Dead, Yes, and the Allman Brothers had a baby, it would be named moe. The jams were lovely, the technical talent was amazing, and the continuous time changes blew me away. Absolutely amazing!

20th Century Limited
7/8/23 - Nocterra Brewing, Powell, OH

The Crunch
7/1/23 - Lazy Chameleon, Powell, OH

Erin Coburn
6/30/23 - Jazz & Blues Festival, Gahanna, OH

Stage 5 Clinger
6/4/23 - King of Clubs in Columbus, OH

Spider Rockets
6/4/23 - King of Clubs in Columbus, OH

Lily Bloom - 5/5/23 - Natalie's in Grandview (OH)

Assorted Concert Photos

Dorothy | Bluestone

The Hu | Newport

The Hu | Newport

Morgan James | The Beachland Ballroom

Crown Lands | Newport

Tiger Army | Kemba Live

Joyous Wolf | Bluestone

The Other Favorites | Butler University

The Vindys | Athaneum

Angela Perley | The Union

Fo/Mo/Deep | Comfest

The Flynns | Lazy Chameleon

The Flynns | Lazy Chameleon

Classless Act | Bluestone

Classless Act | Bluestone

Erin Coburn | Woodlands Tavern

Larry McCray | Woodlands Tavern

Wib Schneider | Woodlands Tavern

Reina del Cid | Woodlands Tavern

Orion | Columbus Arts Festival

JT Hillier | Fenders

The Juan Douglas Trio | Spencer Winery

The Juan Douglas Trio | Spencer Winery

Greg Mendonca | Fenders

Greg Mendonca | Slick Whiskers

Fo/Mo/Deep | Natalie's

Irish Road | Fenders

Gool | Summit Music Hall

The Vindy's | Natalie's

20th Century Limited | Slick Whiskers

20th Century Limited | Roots

Phoenix Rising | Fenders

Billy Two Shoes | Nocterra Brewing

Steve Hofstetter | The Funny Bone Columbus

Neil Gaiman | Palace Theater Columbus