Mike is a passionate photographer who found his true calling in 2016 when he picked up a "real" camera for the first time. Born and raised in Athens, Ohio, he grew up surrounded by the beauty of nature, but it wasn't until his mid-life crisis hit that he truly discovered his love for capturing moments through photography.

As his children left for college, Mike was faced with the decision of how to spend his newfound free time. He opted for a hobby that challenged him both creatively and technically, and photography fit the bill perfectly. He has since become skilled at macrophotography, capturing the intricate details of the natural world around him. He's also quite adept at photographing sports events, weddings, concerts, and even the Moon.

For Mike, nothing is more exciting than taking on a challenge and figuring out how to capture a memorable moment. He finds particular joy in working with local bands, taking photos that help to promote their music and aid in their rise to popularity. He's thrilled when he sees his photos being used by the bands and knows that he's played a small role in their success.

Despite the hard work that goes into capturing stunning concert photographs, Mike still finds time to relax and enjoy a cocktail or three at the bar. He believes that photography should be both fun and rewarding, and he brings that same attitude to every project he takes on.


My main camera body (at the moment) is the Sony a7iii, with a variety of short-range, long-range, and wide-angle lenses. Sometimes I'll pull out a prism, too, just to add a little more creativity. The bustle and business of being in the photo-pit with other photographers while we all vie for the perfect moment is always a thrilling few minutes. What I really enjoy are those small to medium-size bands, or opener-bands, who huck their own merchandise, autograph their CD's, and give a genuine and enthusiastic "Thanks!" Don't get me wrong, I do want to photograph the big players, too. I'd love to capture Taylor Swift or Paul McCartney on stage in a huge arena. But I also want to catch the hair-flips of a local cover band for part of their 4-hour set in the middle of a crowded local bar. 

Perhaps the greatest unexpected enhancement in my personal life is having my ears and mind opened up to music that I otherwise would not have listened to. Even music that is not my "normal" I can have a deep appreciation for by watching it live, and capturing some great moments.